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FELLKNIVEN FS4 Flipstone Combination blade diamond/ceramic

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FÄLLKNIVEN FS4 Flipstone Combination edge diamond/ceramic – Effective and versatile edge for sharpening knives. With the combination of diamond and ceramic grinding surfaces, you get optimal sharpness and durability. Perfect for professional use and home use. Order now and get fast delivery!

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Never before has it been so much fun to sharpen the knife as now! The new Flipstones are not only fun to handle, the diamond and ceramic edges conjure up a sharp edge on any knife. The diamond blade is covered with titanium aluminum nitride, which guarantees a long life. The ceramic brow, which consists of synthetic sapphires, has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, diamond is 10. The advantage of these materials is that, although they slowly wear down, they do not lose their shape but remain flat. This is a great advantage when sharpening a knife, especially when dealing with hard, tough special and powder steels. The two brows are joined with double-sided 3M tape and cannot fall apart. Used dry, neither oil nor water is needed, and should you feel like cleaning the brow, a little washing-up liquid and warm water go a long way. The brows may initially feel a little raw, but become smoother/better after a period of use.

This is how the brow works: Hold the brow in your left hand. Slide forward the latch on the front upper part of the shaft and press the round button that sticks up. A steel spring folds out the blade automatically and in this position the blade is locked. To fold in the brow: Press the round button and fold in the brow by hand. Fold back the latch to avoid accidental folding of the brow.

Model Length folded
FS3 98,7mm / 3.88”
FS4 112,8mm / 4.44”

Diamond grain size 25 microns
Ceramic grain size 1 micron
Zytel handle and stainless screws

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