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Ganzo – F7611 Green

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Ganzo - New 2017

Steaming hot from the factory here comes Ganzo's new addition in the form of F7611

The first impression is undoubtedly WOW! Perhaps it should come as no surprise that our friends at Ganzo are once again outdoing themselves. This knife feels right in the hand from the first moment.

About the magazine:

440C is something of a Ganzo sigil for quality in steelwork. A very good steel, at an even better price - easy to sharpen and keep sharp and as always comes from Ganzo with a really good factory edge. It's great fun that Ganzo continues to refine the use of 440C - perhaps they are now the industry's foremost representatives of this steel? At least we think so. Reliable quality in every knife. This blade is unusually wide and solid with its 32mm at the widest point; but falls towards the top to give a thin and pointed finish : very good still for knitting work ; and the curved back makes it suitable for e.g. opening animals without piercing anything inside.

About the Handle:

Here we were pleasantly surprised because it is a different handle among Ganzo's regular knives - a slight inward bend on the handle gives a really comfortable grip. the sockets in the G10 handles fall in right at the fingers and provide an additional good grip on the knife. It is hard to imagine that this does not fit well in most hands and under the vast majority of circumstances, wet or dry.

Overall Impression:

It seems like every time Ganzo releases a new knife, it's always a little better than its predecessors, and so is this one; without increasing the price for that. The construction of steel liners with all unnecessary material removed gives a very front-heavy knife, just as you would like it to be. It is both very light with its tiny 122 grams and it is large and sturdy with its total length of 20,5 cm. G-Lock provides the finishing touch for easy insertion and unfolding.

As always - 12 month factory warranty on all our Ganzo knives and tools!



Knife type Folding
Cap Type G lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop point
blades material 440C
handle material G10
Handle Color Black, Green, Camouflage
Total Length, etc 205
Blade Length, etc 87
Blade Thickness, etc 3.3
Knife Weight, g 122

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