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Kolser - Replica - Colt Peacemaker Revolver Replica 1:1 - 6,75″ Barrel

Buy a 1:1 replica of a Colt Peacemaker Revolver with a 6,75″ barrel from Kolser. Perfect for collectors and revolver enthusiasts.

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Colt Peacemaker revolver replica 1:1 – 31 CM long, 6,75″ Barrel
NOTE Replica bullets included, toy blast powder (100 pack 1 shot) fits these bullets!
This revolver cannot shoot real bullets but is only for decoration, historical reenactment or the like. It is not recommended to use bullets without powder shot as this can damage the revolver and/or bullet, it is also recommended to oil the mechanism parts on and off.

A wonderful Colt revolver replica from Kolser for those who want to relive the wild west.

The Colt single action USA 1873 6,75″ barrel replica revolver model is available in brass, blued, nickel plated and aged metal finishes, achieved through manual processes applied to every part of the gun, recreating one of the most emblematic guns of the Old West .

Kolser retains the original dimensions of the 31cm long '73 Single Action which, combined with the weight of its grips made from real wood or a high-quality handle in either imitation ivory, imitation bone or imitation wood, make it look and feel like a real Colt 45.

Probably the most famous of the old western guns. Historically, Colt revolvers from the era were used by the likes of Buffalo Bill, Pat Garret and Wild Bill Hickock.

This Colt Single Action replica has a working mechanism and a reloadable rotating barrel for Kolser manufactured imitation bullets that are also adapted for blast powder.

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