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Crystal Candle - Harmony

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Buy Crystal candles to create harmony and well-being in your home - Harmony. With our high-quality crystal candles, you can create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere that promotes calm and balance. Explore our range of Harmony crystal candles and experience the positive energy they spread. Order now to create a peaceful and relaxing environment in your home.

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In our Harmony crystal candle, we have combined essential oils and crystals to maximize the feeling of love, harmony and balance! A lovely uplifting and at the same time calming and balancing scent of orange blossom and lavender. For crystals, we have chosen the number one pink love stone, rose quartz, and we boost the combination with the strengthening energy of rock crystal. A fantastic combination that wants to support you to enjoy love and harmony in life!   

We are very proud of Veda products' brand new fragrant crystal candle! Here we have been able to combine two of our great passions – Crystals and Aromatherapy! 

Feel free to use your Harmony candle when you:

  • Want to create a loving positive atmosphere in your home!
  • Want to give yourself a little love boost.
  • Want to focus on harmony and self-love in your meditation
  • Want to add extra balance and harmony to your yoga
  • Works with affirmations for love, happiness and harmony
  • Do mindfulness exercises or just relax.
  • Want to give more peace, love and harmony in the children's or teenager's room
  • Rose quartz is said to attract love so place the crystal candle in the bedroom to promote love in the relationship or boost you if you are looking for love!
  • Or give a Harmony crystal candle to someone you care about who you wish for more love, harmony and balance!

Size of the glass
Top diameter: 80 mm
Height: 95 mm
Approx. burning time: 55 hours

The crystals

Rose Quartz: The crystal for love, harmony and balance. 

The stone of love, stands for love and harmony. The crystal is said to have a high energy frequency, but which at the same time seems calming and with it gives a soft and loving energy that helps us open up to unconditional love both for ourselves and for others.

Chakra: The heart

Rock Crystal: The crystal for healing, balance and concentration

Rock crystal is a powerful all-round stone that has been used for a very long time. What is considered to make the stone particularly special is its ability to enhance the properties of other crystals as well as its ability to cleanse, heal, balance and remove negative energy. The rock crystal's energy symbolizes clarity, alertness and it is said to help when it comes to getting clarity in feelings and thoughts as well as increasing one's focus and concentration. 

Chakra: All chakras but especially good for the crown chakra

Feel free to keep the crystals in the light during the burning time and they will be purified by the fire. Once the candle has burned out, you can easily pick up the crystals, rinse them off, and continue using them for as long as you like.

The essential oils

Orange blossom: A wonderfully healthy one fragrance with clear hints of citrus. A wonderful uplifting scent that can have a stimulating effect on the mind while being recommended for stress. It feels soothing without being hypnotic.

Lavender: Has a wonderfully aromatic scent like linvigorates and strengthens, it is soothing for body and mind. Lavender is considered to have great healing abilities. It balances, purifies and harmonizes both body and soul,

The mass of light

Is completely vegetable, made from soy and rapeseed. There are great advantages to completely natural and non-toxic candles. The scented candles burn cleanly, more slowly than candles made of paraffin. You avoid pollution in your home and black petrol carbon soot. 

The essential oils in our scented candles are manufactured in the EU and are not tested on animals. The oils are mixed into the entire candle mass (unlike some others where they are sprayed on the surface of the candle) and thus smell good and just right until the last hour of burning. As the natural candles burn at a lower temperature, the scent spreads more slowly and retains its aromatic scents better.

Care advice for your crystal candle

Soy and canola waxes are natural and therefore burn slightly differently than paraffin candles. By using Veda products' candles with crystals in them in the right way, you can extend the life of the candle. See the care instructions here

Quality promise

The basis of our scented candles with crystals are renewable, compostable and living resources - vegetable cooking oils that are either organic or certified ethical. In addition to this, a few drops of essential oil are added. Nothing else. The ethereal candles have been produced with great consideration for the environment, ethics and, of course, quality. The result is a vegetable, product for aromatherapy, without parabens, sulfates or other strange things. The candles contain no artificial preservatives, all comply with the EU's strict directives. No components or finished products have been tested on animals.

Our crystal light - Harmony is produced by Veda products and manufactured in England by the Swedish Klinta from Skåne


One way to increase one's well-being is to use affirmations. An affirmation is a consciously chosen, positive instruction to yourself that helps you create what you desire. Here's how you can do it:

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