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Keychain Oh! How am I doing?

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Create memorable moments with personal laser engravings from only SEK 99! With us, you can give your favorite items a unique touch. We specialize in laser engraving on a variety of materials, including metal, wood and leather.

Our laser engraving service gives you the opportunity to create something very special. We can also engrave images to make your items even more personal. Imagine giving a gift with a personal touch, or gilding your own possessions with your unique memories.

Important to note is that the right of withdrawal does not apply to engraved products, as they are created according to your specific wishes. So when you choose us for your laser engraving, you can be sure to get a unique and quality product.

For companies or associations interested in engraving larger batches of gifts, please contact us at info@brabilligt.see for a tailored quote.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift idea or want to make your items more personal, our laser engraving service is the perfect solution. Contact us today to create something special that will become a treasured part of your history!



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Explore your humorous side with this unique keychain with the text Oh! How am I doing? With a fun and lively text, this band becomes an entertaining and conversation-starting accessory for your everyday life.

This lanyard is not only fun but also practical. With a metal buckle and carabiner, your keys are safe and at hand when you need them. In addition, the practical plastic buckle at the bottom of the strap offers extra functionality – it opens if the strap gets stuck or if you want to hang something extra at the bottom.

With a length of approx. 44-46 cm, this key chain is perfect for wearing around the neck or attaching to the bag, giving a personal touch and practical use in everyday life. Give those around you a laugh and a dose of your own humor with this stylish and functional key chain!

Length of the band itself is approx. 44-46 cm

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