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1000-piece puzzle Colmar

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Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of Colmar, Alsace, France, with this beautiful 1000-piece puzzle. Featuring an enchanting photograph of a canal and quaint houses in this picturesque town, this puzzle offers a fantastic journey to one of the world's most enchanting places.

Each piece of this puzzle is carefully designed to fit together perfectly, creating a detailed and captivating image of Colmar's picturesque scenery. After you have assembled the 1000 pieces, you will be rewarded with an impressive image that will give you the feeling of being in the middle of this idyllic French town.
This puzzle is part of the "Beautiful Places in the World" series, and it's a great way to explore and enjoy some of Earth's most iconic places from the comfort of your own home. With a finished size of 73×51 cm, this puzzle will not only be a fascinating challenge but also an impressive artistic ornament when completed. Whether you are an experienced puzzler or just looking for a relaxing and entertaining activity, this puzzle with its image of Colmar will enchant and delight you with its beauty and detail.

Size of package: ~ 28 x 18 x 4 cm
Weight: ~550g

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