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Om BraBilligt has been on the internet since autumn 2016 and strives to give its customers good shopping experiences. We are tired of more or less false and/or misleading marketing and felt that it can be done better and more honestly.

Secure payment and shipping

We offer a range of safe and reliable options for payment and shipping so that you as a customer can be confident in your order. We also offer the option of split payment via Svea and free shipping for those who order over SEK 400.

Honest product descriptions

Our products are what they are and match the description. Often we ourselves take honest clean pictures and do not alter or beautify. This means that many of our customers feel that what they buy is better than what they thought and paid for. This is also what we strive for - to provide our customers with good and cheap products - but also with good service and good delivery times.

Best Price Guarantee

For those who shop within Sweden, we offer a price guarantee. This means that if, against the odds, you would have found a better price elsewhere, we will make sure to at least match the price. If you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact us.

BraBilligt Arboga AB

Köpingsvägen 12, 732 31 Arboga, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)589 61 10 01

Organization number: 559115-0635. Holds F tax.

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