European Sword

We offer an extensive selection of European swords and sword accessories, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts. Our range includes classic European swords such as swords, sabers, cleavers, Italian stilettos (the older fixed blade varieties), Scottish dirkes, Templar swords and Viking swords. Whether you're interested in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or other historical periods, European swords have a fascinating history spanning the centuries.

The sword no longer has any practical use as a weapon, but its cultural and historical significance lives on. Today, European swords are mainly used as collectibles and decorative objects. Some of our swords are sharp reproductions, while others are designed to be blunt and safe for use as decorative items. In order to preserve the cultural heritage, we have an age limit of 21 years for the purchase of swords.

Explore our impressive range and find the European sword or accessory that suits your interests. We are here to answer your questions and help you make your choice. Welcome to our universe of European swords, including Viking swords, and accessories!

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