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Blowpipes - a little history

Has the hunting weapon of the past become one of today's great pleasures at corporate kick-offs and pentathlons? Very possible! If nothing else, it has the potential to be. Shooting with a blowpipe is both fun and easy to learn, so there are good conditions for the blowpipe to become the big asset during the next competitive event.

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The blowpipe has been used as a hunting weapon since far back in time. It is small, light and very quiet – and therefore perfect when you needed to hunt in ambush. Add to that that it is incredibly precise and easy to "spike" with poisons. Presumably, these were two highly rated characteristics of the hunting people of the time.

Blowpipe today

Nowadays, the blowpipe as a hunting weapon has been overtaken by more technical innovations. Instead, it is used for fun at various social events or for competition with the goal of hitting scoreboards. However, that does not detract from the greatness of the blowpipe. With a simple and user-friendly construction, it can become the topic of discussion when you sum up last weekend's bravado. And that's good enough for a weapon with hundreds of years behind it, isn't it?

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