Engraving: get your product engraved

We can now offer laser engraving of certain products. Perfect as a gift of the more personal kind. We can engrave up to approx. 40×40 cm on all products except pure steel. Under this category, we have selected products that work well for engraving, but if you have other requests, please contact us. We recommend engraving on clean, flat surfaces in either wood, leather or lacquered steel.

We strive for the best results when engraving, so we will place it according to best practice, but if you have special requests, please contact us and we will of course try to solve it.

The price for engraving starts at SEK 100 and is enough for approx. 10 square centimeters and then running SEK 10 per square centimeter for text.

Engraving of images, logos, etc. also goes well of course. Pricing is done individually depending on image and size.

Please also note that the outcome of the engraving of the image also depends on the material that we receive. Some images lend themselves more and others less to engraving. We do our best to make it as good as possible but cannot guarantee the result. In case of uncertainty, it's a good idea to get in touch and ask. If there are very high demands on the result, we can of course, for a fee, sample engrave the desired motif and work with you to come up with a solution that you think suits your wishes.

For larger volumes, we can price individually, such as for corporate gifts or the like.

Feel free to contact us via the contact form below with any questions or concerns.

Please note that engraved products are not subject to the right of withdrawal and that the delivery time depending on the coating may increase by 1-2 days, although we try as far as possible to get them out on the same day.

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