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Throwing knives - a little history

A noble sport for people of all backgrounds. Anyone can throw a knife. It is easy to learn and a rewarding and well-being-creating feeling when the knife sticks to the board.

As with all knives, there is a long history and a wide range. We have a large selection of throwing knives for all throwers regardless of age or condition and circumstances. Don't have access to being outdoors but don't want to give up the need to throw a knife? We have small throwing knives for small distances, suitable for targets made of cardboard or similar.

Of course, it is important to keep track of what you are doing and we urge everyone to be careful with safety when throwing knives. Remember not to throw in a direction where you have fragile objects such as cars, windows and the like - or of course not where people and animals are moving. A knife can easily bounce to stab away, no pun intended.

With that said and a pinch of common sense, however, knife throwing is a safe leisure activity for everyone to have fun with, much more exciting than dart throwing, for example.

Many throwing knives, even though they do not need it, are supplied with sharpened edges - we recommend that you dull your throwing knives if you are not going to use them for cutting as it reduces the risk of cutting yourself.

Many throwing knives in stock

We almost always have Cold Steel's full range of throwing knives in stock, the vast majority of which meet competition standards in terms of measurements. We also recommend anyone who is interested in knowing more about sports throwing to contact Arboga Sportkastningsklubb - you can find them on Facebook i.a.

Looking to expand your arsenal of throwing knives? Or are you going to buy your very first? Regardless of whether throwing knives are a new or old acquaintance, you will find something for you here at BraBilligt. We have them in larger or smaller sizes and in single or multipacks.

Buy throwing knife with good conditions

And you – all our throwing knives are covered by a price guarantee. This means that the knife you are interested in is cheaper with us than anywhere else. If, against the odds, you find a similar knife at a lower price on another site, all you have to do is get in touch. Then we adjust the price, we guarantee that.

Throwing knives have been around since time immemorial (well). From the beginning they were mainly used for hunting, nowadays they are only used in competition or entertainment contexts. And we can understand why. Knife throwing is bloody fun and also very easy to learn - even for those who have trouble throwing darts or any object in general. In other words, throwing knives are a fun investment for the pentathlon or other contexts where you gather for fun and competition. Just as it is a fun sport for those who enjoy precision sports.

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