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We have a wide range of crackers, toys with a price guarantee, free shipping and fast delivery. Looking for a toy gun? Or maybe a pirate sword? There is something here for all children!

More about gunpowder & toy guns

Gunpowder, fidget spinners, revolvers and rifles. Here you will find plenty of toys for your or someone else's childish mind. Because of course you don't have to feel limited to yourself, you probably have many in your vicinity who would be happy about a toy rifle or a cowboy costume as a birthday present, for example.

From gunpowder & toy guns to pirate toys & cowboy toys

Check out our range, click on what you're looking for and sit back. Our deliveries are both fast and cheap, if you order before 12 noon your order will be sent the same day. You barely have time to get up again before the toys arrive. And, not to forget, we always offer a price guarantee on our products. If you find any of the toys in our range at a cheaper price elsewhere, let us know, we will match the price.

Toy gun & gun powder - safety

There are some things to consider when buying and using toys that look and function like weapons. Most often, it is children who use them, and this means that you, as a parent or close adult, have to keep a watchful eye so that nothing unfortunate happens. Below are some points to keep in mind:

  • Only use accessories approved by the manufacturer
  • Never fire explosive powder near the face/ears
  • Not for children under 3 years
  • Take responsibility for your child's activities - teach them to play responsibly
  • Products that look like weapons should not be used in public places
  • Do not modify or alter the product.
  • warranty does not apply in case of incorrect use.

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