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Powerful light is essential when it comes to headlamps. We offer a range that extends from fixed to removable multi-functional lamps that fit well both on the head and in the hand. Why have two? We think.

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We offer a customized range of headlamps for different areas of use and in different price ranges.

We offer quality-assured headlamps in various price categories - to suit all budgets.
Be sure to analyze which area of ​​use you intend your headlamp to have - and choose the product accordingly. For example, should you have a headlamp to use in the event of a power outage or for simpler home use, we recommend that you buy a headlamp with a removable flashlight. These are significantly more flexible and will be of great help around the home.
However, if you are going to use your headlamp for running, a fixed structure is recommended.

Durability and efficiency are important when it comes to choosing a lamp. There is a large range on the market and we have chosen not to compromise with this in our range. In order for you to feel safe with your choice, we have chosen headlamps that not only shine a lot - but shine for a long time.

Be careful with your eyes. A lamp should not be aimed at the eyes from too close, it is a very bright light that can damage your eyes. Be sure to use your product with care.

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