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The razor has a long and reputable history. In addition to being the obvious choice for shaving, it has played influential roles on the silver screen. Because you remember the vengeful Sweeney Todd?

Here at BraBilligt we obviously value history and merits, but never without putting function and quality first. You who are looking for an easy-to-handle and aesthetically pleasing razor can make a cut here. We offer several stylish and functional razors at guaranteed good prices.

Razor / razors - a little history

The need to shave has existed since ancient times. And the razor has been immensely popular for hundreds of years. It wasn't until Gillette came in with their disposable blades that the razor faced any competition to speak of. But the razor has had a boost in recent years. And it is hardly strange. On the one hand, it has a long and storied history, and on the other hand, it is a perfect tool for shaving. Even today, barbers use razors before other options. And so it will continue.

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