Knives with fixed blade

The most common and oldest of knives are sometimes called fixed-blade knives, mostly to distinguish them from the folding knives that are much more common today.

Fixed-blade knives are characterized by the fact that the blade is fixed and cannot be folded. It also has a full or split tang – that's the bit of the blade that goes down into the handle. A full tang goes all the way around and makes the entire knife a single piece of steel – this makes it incredibly resistant to breaking under heavy use.

The knives are available in all imaginable steel types to give the knife different characters. Among the most common are 8cr13MoV, 420, 440 and 1090 - but also more qualitative and developed steels such as vg10, s35vn and M390 to name just a few.

The handle of the knife can be made of all sorts of materials from plastic to wood and everything in between.

In the same way, there are lots of blade shapes and grinds for everything between heaven and earth you might want to use it for. Among the most famous forms of knives are e.g. The Bowie knife and the tanto knife as their respective country's most recognizable knives.

The most famous knife for people in general is certainly John Rambo's knife from the movies of the same name and similar knives have been produced for decades by hundreds of different manufacturers and continue to be popular today over 30 years later.

We always have hundreds of different models of fixed blade knives in stock and you will find everything from large to small knives, for hunting, fishing, crafts or general survival or why not just nice knives for the collection? We have something for everyone.

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