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Are you looking for an ornamental ax or a box axe? An ax taken from the fantasy genre or the timber world? We have it. The axes come from a range of well-known brands such as Cavra, MTech, Elk Ridge and many, many more. BraBilligt is one of Sweden's largest retailers of axes and all our products are covered by a price guarantee. Take a look among our products and click home your new favorite tool.

Ax - axes and their history

The ax is one of man's oldest tools and has been used for several purposes. It is believed that the ax was originally a tool for building and harvesting food, and that later it was also used as a weapon in battle.

The early ax lacked a handle and was made of flint and other types of stone. Later, during the Bronze Age, the ax came to have a handle and was made from materials such as copper and bronze.

Today, we know the ax as a tool in several different forms with many areas of use. There are axes with short handles, long handles, single-edged and double-edged, used as weapons and used as tools. Nowadays, it is also common to use axes as ornaments.

Our catalog of axes contains all of these designs and can be ordered quickly, easily and cheaply (free shipping over SEK 400).

Axes & Security

Please note that axes are to be regarded as dangerous objects and are therefore covered by the Knife Act. You can find more information about it on the police's website.

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