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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 21 YEAR AGE LIMIT APPLIES TO ALL SWORDS. (not wooden or plastic training swords)

Here you will find a wide range of swords from different ages and genres. We offer free shipping, fast delivery and price guarantee.

Sword Types: Katana Sword, Samurai Sword and Fantasy Sword - Buy your favorite sword

From classic medieval crusader swords to samurai swords and eye-catching fantasy swords. We have most models that can be found in Sweden and all products are covered by a price guarantee.

Our swords come from several reputable brands such as Cold Steel and Fantasy Master. For example, you can order home Cold Steel's various cane swords, which have long been extremely popular. And you who are looking for genuine craftsmanship of the highest class can click home their handmade katana sword.

The history of swords - From antiquity to modern times

The sword has been in man's possession since before the Bronze Age and is thus one of our first weapons. Over time, it has gone through several evolutionary stages as a result of technological and cultural developments. From the beginning, swords were made of obsidian or flint, and later made of metal, or more precisely copper or bronze.

Historically, the sword has been regarded as a combat weapon, but more recently it has also been given space as an ornament or symbol. In both Japanese and Western culture, it has symbolized chivalry and social status, and although it ceased to be used on the battlefield in the 1900th century, swords were awarded as medals of appreciation to members of the military forces.

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BraBilligt has a wide range of modern and historical swords from a range of different cultures. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the swords in our range!

Security and knife law for your sword purchase

It is important to add that swords are to be considered a dangerous object and, according to the Knife Act, may not be carried in public places, school grounds or in vehicles in public places. You can find more information about what is covered by the Knife Act on the police's website.

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