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More about folding knives

Folding knives are a modern phenomenon it might seem, but the earliest examples have been found from the Iron Age. It is a handy and safe tool where the blade can be folded in and not risk cutting or stabbing the owner unnecessarily.

Up until the fifties, all folding knives were of the non-locking variety where the blade was only held in place by friction with a few exceptions. The big revolution came with the backlock, which the famous American knife brand Buck was the first with. For the first time, the folding knife could almost replace the fixed blade knife.

Folding knives today

Today, folding knives are manufactured both by large companies in large factories with cnc machines as well as by simple hand machines by custom manufacturers. They can cost anything from a few tens up to tens of thousands of kroner depending on the work and materials used.

After this, a variety of locking systems have come such as the liner lock, the frame lock, the pivot lock and several other innovative solutions to lock the blade. Cold Steel came up with the strongest lock, however, and it's called the Triadlock and is a further development of the first back lock that locks the blade more securely than any other lock known to date. It is still used for decades in many of Cold Steel's locks.

Among blade types, steels and handles, there is an abundance of variants to the point that it is not even possible to list them all, but one thing is certain and that is that there are folding knives for everyone - no matter what purpose you need it for, there is one that fits you. With us you will find 1000s of different models always in stock and continuously increasing.

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