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One of the absolute oldest tools we humans have had with us throughout history. We have used it for everything from housework, to hunting and as a weapon. At almost every stage of the day or night, we always had a knife handy.

Over the millennia, this simple tool has been refined and changed so that today there are special variants such as bayonets, balisongs, table knives, daggers, diving knives, pocket knives and folding knives. As pure works of art or as specially made for different tasks, be it a tension knife, razor, butter knife, carpet knife or combat knife. Common to all of these mentioned and many more - is that with us you will find most knives that can be sold in Sweden and at good prices. Don't forget that we always have a price guarantee on all our products. (conditions can be found under the heading price guarantee)

However, observe the knife law that applies and which you can read more about on the police's website. Knives may not be carried in public without reason whatsoever.

Also, don't forget that we have most of the accessories for knives such as whetstones and sharpeners. You will find them under their heading on this page.

Most popular are our folding knives and we have thousands of models in stock from both expensive and cheap brands. We highly recommend brands such as Cold Steel, Ganzo, Enlan and for the budget-conscious, we have many brands to suit everyone - why not Elk Ridge for you outdoor enthusiasts or Mtech and Tac-Force for those of you with more everyday use. For those of you who collect, there is an abundance of cool models from Z-Hunter, Master Collection and many others.

Knives - collector's knives

Collector's knives are a type of knife that is highly sought after by collectors. These knives are usually made of high quality materials and have intricate designs and craftsmanship. They are often made by well-known knife manufacturers and can be expensive - our collector's knives are, however, covered by a price guarantee, if you find a cheaper knife elsewhere, we will at least match the price!

Collector knives are often used for display purposes, as they are often too valuable to be used for everyday tasks. They are also popular with knife enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship and design of the knives.

Collector knives can be anything from simple pocket knives to ornate swords and daggers. Some of the most popular collector knives include folding knives, handmade knives and daggers. Many of these knives have detailed designs and are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, Damascus steel and titanium.

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