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We have both sharp premium swords that are made to be used and budget swords that are suitable as ornaments or gifts.

Samurai sword - a little history

Samurai Sword! Perhaps the world's most famous sword whose craftsmanship has been refined over centuries. Historical Katana and Wakizashi were usually worn in the belt by Japanese samurai and together were called 'daisho' which roughly means 'big and small'. Our samurai swords come from manufacturers such as Cold Steel and Ten Ryu. In addition to that, we also have complete sets with all models as well as display stands and other accessories at very low prices. These are of course for decoration and should not be used as it can cause unnecessary damage to the product.

Few swords have such distinctive features as the samurai sword. Its slightly curved blade. The seemingly razor-sharp edge. The many times stylishly embroidered handle. Perhaps it is thanks to the samurai sword's supporting roles on the big screen, or its central place in samurai history, that so many people have a close and dear relationship with the Japanese fighting blade. The sword has attained for many a religious status and many samurai believed that the spirit of former warriors lived within the sword.

No matter how it is for you, you can find your own copy here with us at BraBilligt. We offer samurai swords in different price ranges, in sets and both with and without a display stand.

 In addition - and not to forget - we offer all samurai swords with a price guarantee. It simply doesn't get better and cheaper than that, you can be sure of that.

What types of samurai swords are there?

The katana is the longest of several types of samurai sword. Normally, the blade is between 60–80 centimeters long and weighs together with the handle between 1,1–1,3 kilos. That makes this samurai sword an excellent fighting companion. Thanks to its light weight and long reach, the samurai could deliver quick blows from a reasonable distance and thus escape battles unscathed.

The long blade is traditionally made with enormous care and pride in the craft. In fact, it is made by bending and hammering together three different types of steel – mild (Shigane), medium hard (kawagane) and hard (pasture) – up to sixteen times. Definitely impressive. Several martial arts have been formed around the art of the sword, such as kendo.

Contact us about samurai sword

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the samurai swords we have. Also keep in mind that swords that are not available online at the moment can usually be brought home quickly and at a good price if interested, as we have regular deliveries. Among the swords you will find three different models: Katana, Wakizashi and tanto, which are the Japanese equivalent of large medium and small swords. Also, don't miss that we have a large selection of Bokken and other training horses.

Samurai sword & age limit

Please note that we are careful not to sell samurai swords to people under the age of 21. This is not our invention but Swedish law.

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